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Graduates’ guide to landing their first job after university

Graduating from university is a thrilling accomplishment, marking the culmination of years of continuous hard work, dedication, and pursuit of knowledge. Although this chapter may be exciting It can also feel daunting. The transformation from academic life to the workforce is a crucial moment that requires strategic steps and planning to ensure that you’re making the right decision.

Decide/ reflect on what you want:

Before beginning your job hunt it is important to assess your strengths, weaknesses, career aspirations and what you want to achieve. Although, you may not know what you want initially self-awareness is key. You will be able to identify what types of environments you want to work in as well as being able to align your ambitions with a specific company.

Work experience and internships:

Although many universities offer placement opportunities during one of the academic years, it is recommended that all postgraduate students consider an internship or entry-level position to gain practical experience. Gaining practical experience will not only enhance your chances of being successful in the interview process, but also will develop your skill set, have good industry insights, and enhance your confidence and adaptability.

Enhance your CV:

An enhanced CV effectively showcases your qualifications, education, and relevant work experience. It’s an opportunity to present your industry knowledge strengths, and weaknesses and demonstrate your capability in the role. Despite the fact that you may not have experience it is highly important to highlight your strengths and why they would be beneficial to the company you’re interested in.

Although this time may be nerve-wracking it is important to be optimistic throughout the process. Every individual’s experience will be different however, keep an open mind to new possibilities and circumstances.

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