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What is the role of an Account Executive?

An Account Executives role is to solely support existing client accounts and is responsible for building and maintaining client relationships. They are also involved in the selling of products or services.


Although an Account Executive role is based on maintaining client relationships, the job role requires a lot of responsibility. This includes:

· Provide professional after-sales support to enhance the customer’s dedication

· Respond to complaints and resolve issues aiming at customer contentment and the preservation of the company’s reputation

· Present products to prospective clients

· Communicating with clients and prospective clients through emails, phone, video calls and in-person meetings

· Writing up reports

· Gaining in-depth knowledge of the business as well as the products/ services offered and presenting this to clients in a clear manner

· Meeting sales targets and engaging in upselling and cross-selling

Skills and qualities:

· Strong communication skills, including verbal communication

· The ability to negotiate

· Strong organisational skills

· Strong time management skills

· Analytical skills

· Project management skills

· Outstanding knowledge of MS Office and software such as CRM and Salesforce

Qualifications and training required:

The training required for an Account Executive may differ depending on the company as well as the field of work. For example, an IT company is more likely to require a degree alongside years of sales experience. However, other companies outside of the IT industry may only require experience within the sales sector.

Relevant work experience is extremely valuable when applying as an Account Executive. Overall qualifications and training you may need are:

· Proven experience as an Account Executive in previous sales/customer roles

· Knowledge of market research and sales negotiating principles

· Excellent presentation skills

· BSc or a BA in Business Administration, Sales, or Marketing

National Average Salary:

The national average salary for an Account Executive is £36,000 in the United Kingdom however, this may differ depending on geographical area and company.

If you’re interested in taking the next steps in your career working in the insurance sector as an Account Executive, apply with us today and we can find the perfect placement for you. Feel free to call us on 0203 225 5584 to discuss everything in further detail.

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